God is not an if-then God

by hilarysherratt

Oh friend, listen close. I’ve got this story that I’m bursting to tell you.

I’m bursting to tell us, because, you see… I want to tell you a story about grace.

I want to tell you that “God is not an if-then blesser.”

I was on the phone when I heard myself say it. I was fiddling with the earrings on my mom’s dresser, thinking about the way they caught the light, the way they felt like pebbles and glass in my hand, the sharp prick of the metal backing- and I said it.

“God is not an if then blesser.”

And the truth of it stared back at me- that this, this is the beautiful thing about grace in our lives. God does not ask for only the one path, the perfect walk, the right words always at the right times and the best choices and the best, well, everything. No, our God pours blessing over so much more. Over you and me in all our failing. Over the choices we regret. Over the ones we cherish.

He blesses because that is who He is. Oh, friend, can I dig this deep into our skin and write it across our foreheads, and remind us when we sit in silence in the face of our choices and how much we fear they will be, not only wrong, but without blessing?

God blesses because He loves us.

God blesses because He calls this world good and He dwells in it and His dwelling is blessing, and the blessing is uncontainable and mysterious and more constant than you or me or what we do.

This is a story about grace. This is about us coming out of the cage of perfect, of trying til we bleed to guess what He wants us to do because we are scared to lose something God is so eager to give us. He doesn’t need us to try to calculate our way into His heart.

He just needs us to come running, carrying our choices like pebbles in front of us, our faces alight with His light. He is a God of blessing.

He is the God of grace.

tell me that doesn’t begin to sing a little freedom into your heart? I’m singing next to you.


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