letters to jackson

I started writing to Jackson after a 20 week ultrasound that changed everything and nothing. It taught us that every beginning has a thousand beginnings hidden away inside it. These are some of those letters.

dear jackson: when it has been 20 weeks

dear jackson: what i am waiting for

dear jackson: it will be better

dear jackson: the gift of breath

dear jackson: you show me Jesus

dear jackson: about your dad’s second book

dear jackson: the work on the ground

dear jack: one

dear jackson: on daring, and prayer


There is so much you can never write down. These are just glimpses, snapshots, but they tell a story of glory. And I’m so grateful.

Our friend Andrea took this just before Jack’s cleft lip surgery. That smile, that delight. It hasn’t changed. 
But now he can grab leaves off the ground and run away from you while trying to eat them!