meet hilary

Hey there!

14524498_10154489237235772_6374718373562110940_o I’m Hilary.

I’m a lover of philosophy, poetry, tulips and Peace Like a River. I’m married to my best friend, Preston, and I’m mom to Jackson, our first son. Together, we’re making our way deeper into the mystery and the joy of following Jesus.

I believe that we’re called to love wild. To rise up and to run, to learn things we’d sometimes rather not but all the while to keep knocking down God’s door, wondering, asking, seeking. I believe we are free to love wild because we can knock down the door of the God who first loved us.

I’m so grateful you’re here.



7 thoughts on “meet hilary

  1. Hi Hilary. We continue to love your writings and to love Jackson through them.
    You have such eloquence for the language of which Uncle Greg and I neither possess.
    Know that we love you, all 3 and continue to pray for that miracle baby to be born.
    He will change your hearts forever, in such a great way, no parent can explain until
    another experiences it themselves. I love how you sign everything to Jackson, Love, Mom.
    It’s my favorite part of your writing.

  2. Hilary, I’ve been following Preston’s blog for a little bit (maybe a couple of weeks) and found yours via his. I loved the story of how you met and, eventually, got engaged. A very sweet, modern story — and, yet, a tale as old as time.

    Looking forward to exploring your blog. 🙂

  3. I may be approaching the point of creepiness now (but is that even a thing when it’s writing we’re talking about…?), but you mentioned Gilead and I just wanted to say that that book practically changed my life in a very subtle and breathing-like way. It changed who I want to be, anyway. I just thought it was beautiful, and so many others in my class (TGC freshman year) thought it was boring or lame. So whenever I find people who like this book I essentially grab them and go “RIGHT?? IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL.”

    …so yeah.

  4. HIlary you are a beautiful writer already. This is a precious site filled with the eternal life dreams of a lovely young lady. I will see you at church and ENCOURAGE you!
    JB Waters

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