poetry is wonder (a guest post)

Hi y’all!

You know something I love (while I’m sitting here in Waco, TX, with that guy who makes my heart stop)? Getting to hang out and share some words over at Hannah’s space. I love her loud, wondering and curious heart – and it’s a joy to share at her blog. I even got to write about poetry, and wonder, and tell a few stories. I’d so love for you to head over and check it out here.

In a night of soft rain, she lies on her bed, angled just so her feet dangle off one edge while her head rests on the lopsided pillows. She feels her stomach rise and fall with the work of breathing, the letter still resting in her hand. She wills gravity to bring it back to the floor, but it stays nestled in her fingers. She won’t let it go, because in it is the truth, the kind of truth that once you read it sears itself onto your skin, an endless repetition. So she holds the letter and she closes her eyes. There is no music playing, not fitting soundtrack, just the night of soft rain and the rise and fall of breathing.
Keep reading with me, over here?

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