when there are everlasting meals (guest post)

You guys remember Preston, right? We wrote letters last year, and between the time zones, the words, the Skype, and the way of things, something kind of amazing has happened. Is happening.

I’m not going to say much more, right now, because I blush furiously when I try to talk about this person, and I get tongue tied, and my heart decides to practice for a marathon, and I can’t stop smiling. You kind of get the picture.

But today, I wrote something over at his space and well, I’d love for you to read it? You can click here.

When your father is crying on the morning drive to school and whispers that Granddad died in his sleep the night before, you don’t eat the whole day.

You don’t eat anything in seat 48H on Virgin Atlantic, except the chocolate pudding, and you have two helpings of that, and return to your books. You read the words over and over but they’re swimming in front of your eyes, and the turbulence outside is nothing to what’s raging in your heart.

Keep reading, over here?


P.S. In case you didn’t know, Preston is pretty amazing. I still can’t quite believe the story of us. But here I go, blushing. But he is. Amazing. And I am a really lucky girl.


8 thoughts on “when there are everlasting meals (guest post)

  1. I’ve been following both of your blogs for a while now and this post makes me all giggly and happy for the two of you, too. 🙂 And this is from a reader from the other side of the world (how’s that for being sorta stalkery. Er. ^^). Lots of blessings for the two of you. ♥

  2. You two. I am SO HAPPY. (Can I also just say I have suspected this a teensy bit? Is that creepy and stalkerish? Yes? Thought so.) But seriously, I am spraining my ears with grinning over here. Such beautiful words, such tangible, palpable joy. Thanks for sharing a tiny bit of it with those of us who love you both.

  3. I started to post on his blog this morning, but I couldn’t get it to post, so this is my comment to both of you: CONGRATS TO BOTH OF YOU!!!!! I started reading both of your posts awhile back and loved both of your blogs!!! I started praying for you both as God would have me pray and I was even wondering about you both, hoping I was reading you both right. So it made me blissfully happy to read that you are indeed more than friends!!!! I actually saw one of his tweets about the two of you last week!!! 😊 Blessings to you both!!!!!!!

    And Hillary, this is beautiful!!!! I know what you mean about food like this being like manna in such sad and desert-like times. Cheese crackers and Taco Bell comes to mind for me when I think of your story!!!! Blessings and great joy to you!!!!

  4. I have been reading both your blogs for a long time and have been excitedly waiting to hear this kind of news. So glad to hear about your new relationship.

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