if we were having coffee

I sometimes think about the girls I don’t know. I think about their upturned faces against a May sky, their heavy backpacks and sense of responsibility. I think about everything that’s hidden in their hearts (treasures and dangers alike). I think about the way we begin to become ourselves.

I want to take you all out to coffee. I want to buy you something with a lot of sugar in it, take the table by the window with the sunlight streaming through it something fierce. I want to ask you some advice about boys, about being a true friend, about how to swim in the water of who you are when everyone else seems like they have a better idea. (I know, by the way, that you know a lot about all these things.) I want to lean in close, smile at you with a little hint of rebellion and tell you that there is more to you than meets the eye.

Maybe you would ask me how I know this. Maybe you would lean back in your chair and drain your cup, look out the window at the striped tee shirts and cutoff jean shorts passing by, at the busy cars and the haggard shopkeeper sweeping outside her polished blue door. Maybe you would lock eyes with me, and tell me in your most honest voice that you’re not so sure, some days.

Me too. Because I’ve heard a lot lately about the question of “enough.” Are we, how could we be, what if my blog isn’t, or is, what if my leadership isn’t, my co-curricular extra-curricular, award-seeking-or-receiving or my friendships… I’d get serious right about here, push my glasses on top of my head, bend my whole posture forward, across the table, across the divide of what we believe about ourselves and this world – and say:

Enough of the word enough.

I don’t know how to tell this any other way. I don’t know how to bullet point it for you in logical argument, how to write you a story that carries this message like a pearl inside its oyster shell. I don’t know how to cajole you or argue with you or do much of anything, but sound the same old few lines as often as possible here, and where you are, at coffee and at lunch and always, always, when I get on my knees for you: hearts are too beautiful to spend on a word like enough, on a measurement, on a tangled illusion.

I spent high school and college being enough which wasn’t enough which was never good or beautiful or sexy or gracious or holy or poised or funny… enough. I did the ache in my closet among my mismatched shoes. I did the late nights skipping dinner, the later night disappointments. I did the look of dismay at myself over a less than perfect grade or comment or conversation.

And I say, enough of that.

If we were having coffee, you and I, I’d want to tell you that. I want to shore it up in us. I want to wedge it so firmly our ribcages that we walk around singing a freedom-song so loud we can’t catch our breath. Free of the worry that comes with enough. Free of the fear. So gloriously free.

I come back here and I write to you and I write to us and I write to all the people who never hear me, and all the ones who do, that hearts are too extraordinary to be measured. Yours is beyond enough. It is bigger than enough. It is so much more than enough.

Maybe at the end of the coffee, when we’ve each had a brownie or three and it’s time to go, I will hang on just one second longer, and catch your eye one more time. And I would lean in (because I always do) and I would smile. Your heart is far too extraordinary to live trapped in a word like enough.

I’m right here. I’m singing next to you. Together, we’ll have done with enough.



6 thoughts on “if we were having coffee

  1. Amen.
    Enough and comparison are deadly poisons. It’s not about whether we have or are “enough.” It’s that we ARE that matters. Our very being is such a miracle. And miracle is always more than enough.

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