to boston, with love (with lisa-jo)

Lisa-Jo and I are Boston girls.

We are deep in the love of this city. Our selves and our hearts are wrapped up in it, in all the old names and bricks and places.

So when we heard about the bombs, we wrote out our love in a letter.

Read with us? Pray with us?

Dear Boston,

Hilary and I have loved you a long time. We attended the same college on your North shore. Fourteen years apart. Her father was my favorite professor. And then one day when we’d all grown up my husband was one of hers.

So when we heard the blood spattered news today, so many memories rose up between us. Like a too-small band-aid, like an anthem, like a prayer, like a plea to unsee this new one.

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6 thoughts on “to boston, with love (with lisa-jo)

  1. Hi Hilary, I just read your post over at Lisa’s blog and I loved your words on love for our city ( I live on the North Shore with my family and also went to Gordon a few years back). You are a gifted writer and articulated so well what I am feeling and thinking. Thank you!

  2. This was beautiful, Hilary. I wanted to pop by here to say how much I appreciated it too. I was up at Gordon this weekend for Quartets and kept meaning to tweet you, but it was a little wild – there with lots of little ones. Praying for you today, so close to so much heartache.

  3. Your hearts are teeming with grace and beauty. I absorbed your words deep in bones of shaking sorrow. Thank you for your heart Hilary. Thank you, that even in a small way, I could honor our former city with you. I am so thankful for your spirit, for Lisa-Jo. Our God is greater and our God is good. All the time. We need Him near us now.

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