He names your life beautiful

Today, I got this chance to share something over at Lisa-Jo’s. You know her, I bet – the mama who speaks truth and grace into your heart because she’s listening so close to what God says. The one who reminds and encourages, who cheers for us even when we don’t understand it…

So when she asked me if I would write a post, I dreamed and prayed wide, for words to reach you wherever you are, in this moment of your day.

“….When I graduated from college in May, I got lots of hugs and kisses. I got fun cards that played “Pomp and Circumstance” when you opened them. I got a nice dinner with two professors I love and Flannery O’Connor books. People showered me with wonderful gifts, with care and congratulations and Starbucks gift cards.

But it turns out you don’t get a how-to book for your life…

Keep reading over here?

Because He names your life beautiful and rich and I want to tell you how.



4 thoughts on “He names your life beautiful

  1. THIS is the big question, and it’s answer could mean our freedom or our imprisonment. You have offered us the truth here. Hallelujah. Because the truth is, even my loving husband fails to give me what I seek-unconditional love down in the depths of who God has created me to be. That hallowed place was made for Him to inhabit, and Him alone. Him always. Thank you, Hilary!

  2. I read your post over at Lisa-Jo’s last night, and then hopped over here and read more. The story He’s writing with your life – it’s a beautiful thing. Keep pressing into Him and all this wild love. Keep pouring words of life. You’ve laid out a feast for us here. So happy to *meet* you!

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