conversations with ourselves (guest post at See Preston Blog)

It’s just a brief moment, as I lean towards home, after we celebrated my sister’s marriage to a wonderful man, after we danced to “Baby” by Justin Bieber and “Ain’t No Mountain High” … after the vows and the tears and the heart-stopping beauty of it all… but I wanted to share my guest post from earlier this week with you. 

Y’all know Preston already (and I hope you read him, too) from the letters we write on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I got a chance to share my thoughts in his space on Thursday. Won’t you take a second and join me over there? It’s a conversation, a letter, to myself. 

Dear Younger Self, 

Four years from where you are, you will be a college graduate. You will have lived in the warm and safe space of good friends and you will have made space for them in your heart, too. You will not know what you want, but you will know what you dream of. You will know what you love. This will take some gut-wrenching talks and some fights with yourself. Let Italy inspire you. Let ambition take a backseat to joy. I promise you the doors open wide and surprising and suddenly the Lord, He is with you and quick to bless you. Wait for that moment – wait for Him. 

I write this to you because I need to tell you something: I forgive you.

Keep reading, over at Preston’s

Love, hilary


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