meet hilary

Hey there!

photo: emily wilson

photo: emily wilson

 I’m Hilary.

I’m twenty-something.  I’m a redhead, a writer and a daydreamer. I’m engaged to this pretty amazing guy, Preston. You can read a bit about our love story here.

If it’s a choice between tea or coffee, I choose coffee (morning) and tea (afternoon). If it’s a choice between cheeseburgers and carrots (tough), I choose cheeseburgers. I also choose spring, consignment shops, Bon Iver, novels, laughter, and writing my way towards the truth. I choose a life colored with the radical, transforming, wondrous notion that Christ is Lord, and my life is caught up in following Jesus.

We’re called to love with our full selves. We’re called to scatter our love wide and wonder about how it grows. We’re called to love because He first loved us.

I want to live with that wild love.

love, hilary